I’m a sucker for a good frozen yogurt with fresh fruit and Niceberry is my closest fix. I like it because it isn’t too sweet as a base, fresh fruit is always good plus it’s 0% fat and full of probiotics so it’s good for me too (please don’t tell me otherwise!)

The trouble with a lot of froyo places is there are many which now make their yogurt from a powder rather than yogurt, adding sugar and losing the probiotic element – in which case I may as well eat ice cream!

Niceberry is a clean, popular, smooth-running store which offers 6 flavours of frozen yogurt (1 of which is natural) made from actual yogurt at 0% fat. They use only fruit that’s in season and have a selection of naughty goodies too if you’ve got a real sweet tooth!

The downside? Payment is by weight, which is very common now, the problem is more the HUGE pots they give you to fill up – this is where you’re downfall will be. When filling up remember just how big these pots are and how little you actually need. If you’re craving something bigger and sweet then treat yourself to an actual dessert at an actual restaurant. My little pot of yogurty goodness came to just over €3.


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