Bordeaux’s Beach 

This place is hands-down one of my favourites.

I first went to Les Chantiers de la Garonne a year ago and loved it just as much as when I went this year. If not more! In fact I do t know why I’m not here all the time. 

In a previous post about Hanger Darwin I said I don’t come to Bordeaux’s right bank often and when I do its to go there. Les Chantiers de la Garonne is opposite Hanger Darwin and both owned and run by the same team, maybe that’s why love it so much.

Your arrival into a boat yard, right on the banks of the Garonne, is met with the same wood pallet furniture as its sister bar and a floor covered in sand. Bordeaux’s very own beach bar.

The drinks and food menu is simple, and all organic and locally sourced too. It’s not the cheapest in town but what they do, they do well. Oysters being shucked right in front of you and sardines being grilled on the open BBQ too. If you don’t like seafood don’t plan on eating here, it’s all they offer.

In the day time the vibe is very chilled, groups of friends and young families relaxing on deck chairs and cushions in the sand. You can even amuse yourselves playing pétanque at one end of the space.

Then when the sun starts to set the crowds start to arrive but the vibe, the amazing ambiance of this place is only increased. As the colours of the sky bounce of the large, well-styled modern building, as the lights on the left bank of Bordeaux begin to twinkle, as the fairy lights in the trees glow and – sometimes even – as someone strums their guitar on the make-shift stage, made of oil barrels and more wood pallets the buzz rises and many more hours can be spent enjoying this beautiful beach bar.

There’s not enough good things I can say about this place, go see for yourself and don’t expect to be leaving quickly!


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