Utopian dreams

Utopia : an imagined place or state of things in which everything is perfect (Oxford Dictionary)


As far as cafes go this ones pretty good, a utopian cafe – if one existed – would most probably include several elements that Utopia has already mastered.

I think this first snap sums up beautifully why I love it so much. Besides the good coffee, attentive yet friendly service and delicious tartines*, Utopia is set up for one of my favourite past times: people watching.

Two rows of tables face the buzzy little square of Camille Jullian, which is lined with rival cafes. But there’s an air of effortlessness that attracts me to Utopia. I never feel rushed out of my seat or treated like a tourist; whether I’m people watching, reading or working on my laptop I’m given time and space to sit, absorb and enjoy.

What’s more, the building itself is a little city charm. Utopia occupies an old church constructed between the 14th and 17th centuries and it’s interior still includes stained glass windows, rustic tables and wooden pews. And as if that wasn’t enough, Utopia is Bordeaux’s independent film cinema, playing french and English movies in addition to some old classics too.


Whether you have time for breakfast, lunch or dinner, coffee or an apero, give Utopia some of your time and it will give you some back in return.

*I strongly recommend the tartines (open sandwiches) for lunch and the salads are great too, very generous portions. 


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